Gov. Daniels Embarrassed By White's, Hardy's Legal Woes

Daniels Discusses Republican Leaders' Flaps In Year-End Review

As Gov. Mitch Daniels looks ahead to his last year in office, he said there are some things that he’d rather not remember.

In a year-end review, Daniels said Secretary of State Charlie White’s troubles and former Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission chairman David Lott Hardy’s indictment was an embarrassment to him and other Republican leaders, RTV6's Norman Cox reported.

White is accused of lying about where he lived during the 2010 primary for secretary of state so he could continue collecting his pay from the Fishers Town Council.

Daniels said he had urged White to resign until the criminal charges against him were resolved, but White declined.

“When my advice is disregarded, I accept that and don't try to make a nuisance of myself,” Daniels said.

With White’s January trial date fast approaching, Daniels said he hopes to move forward as soon as possible.

“I think it should have been resolved a long time ago. Since the course I recommended wasn't accepted by Mr. White, then I hope that the course he's chosen will come to closure quickly,” Daniels said.

Meanwhile, Hardy faces three felony charges over alleged insider dealings with Duke Energy. Prosecutors said Hardy, whom Daniels fired, failed to disclose communication he had in 2008 and 2010 with a Duke Energy employee regarding cost estimates for a $3 billion coal gasification plant in Edwardsville.

Daniels said that should not affect consumer confidence with the state's handling of the plant, which he believes is justified on its own merits.

“Clean coal and clean energy is going to be an important part of Indiana's future, and we'll be paying Hoosiers for the source of that energy, not sending the dollars out of state,” Daniels said.

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