Graphic Details Revealed In Carmel Assault Report

DCS Report Details Allegations In Basketball Team Probe

Editor's Note: The allegations detailed in the report below are graphic in nature.

An attorney who represents one of the victims in the Carmel High School assault case released graphic details Friday of the allegations against four former basketball players.

A Department of Child Services report released by attorney Robert Turner went into explicit detail about purported occurrences in the locker room at the school and on a January bus trip, and concludes that the boys engaged in criminal deviate conduct.

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The report dated May 27, in which names of victims and witnesses were redacted by Turner and/or his associates, specifically mentions all four teens who were eventually charged in the case -- Robert Kitzinger, 19, Brandon Hoge, 18, Oscar Falodun, 18 and Scott Laskowski, 19.

The allegations came to light after the boy was taken to the emergency room of Clarian North Hospital on Feb. 16.

The victim and his family told DCS that incidents began in November 2009 and continued through January, escalating in severity along the way.

"The guys would flash him their {genitals}," the report stated, referring to the November incidents.

In December, the boy told DCS that the other boys began grabbing his genitals.

"In January 2010, they picked him up, on a couple of occasions, took him to the shower and would 'penetrate' him with their fingers through his shorts," according to the boy's statement in the report, though he said there was a layer of clothing between in all instances.

The boy told DCS that he tried to escape and yelled for help during the incidents, but that he was warned that if he told others about the occurrences, they would "beat his {expletive}."

The bus incident involved three of the seniors, the boy told authorities.

"The guys pulled his sweats down and Brandon stuck his fingers in his buttocks," the boy told DCS.

"He said that Robert sat on his head and he was yelling for help, but the coaches were at the front of the bus," the boy told authorities. "'I guess they couldn't hear me.'"

The boy told DCS that the coaches generally don't come into the locker room, except for team meetings, and that they likely wouldn't have known what was going on.

The report refers many times to the practice of "gooching," though it isn't made clear in the report what that is.

Through their attorneys, Laskowski, Hoge and Kitzinger declined to be interviewed for the DCS investigation.

The report indicated that Falodun was interviewed in March, in the presence of his attorney, telling investigators that they "would grab him (the boy) and mess with him," but it was "just pushing and stuff."

Falodun denied taking part in any anal penetration.

Carmel police Detective Greg Dawson told DCS that Hoge was seen in a surveillance video from the bus assaulting the victim, though penetration isn't visible in the video.

All four seniors were expelled from school in February.

Turner previously said that he thinks he should have been able to accompany his 15-year-old client during grand jury proceedings.

The boy's parents told 6News' Joanna Massee on Friday that they believe releasing the report was the right thing to do.

"To see something like this happen and to get that document in the mail, finally, you know, I just want the truth to come out," the boy's mother said. "At the end of the day, we have to focus on making sure that it does and we ... can’t just think about ourselves, because it will be your child next, we don’t know."

Kitzinger, Hoge and Falodun were each charged in May with misdemeanor battery and criminal recklessness. Laskowski was charged with criminal recklessness. Each pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The details of the newly released report spread quickly around Carmel on Friday.

"It's disgusting, period. First of all, where did you learn that? And? why would you do that," asked parent Mary Trinkle.

"That is just foul. I just can't think of a reason why to do that, period," said Zach Bell, a former student athlete at Carmel High School. "I just wish the teachers or anybody else that was responsible could have done something about that, because that should have never happened in the first place."

Attorneys for Kitzinger, James Voyles Jr. and Bruce Boje, released a statement Friday afternoon saying they would appeal to the courts to prevent Turner from issuing further information that "has a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing this matter."

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Laskowski’s attorney, Michael Casati, said that he will also seek a gag order against Turner, and said the DCS findings are being appealed.

Jim Crum, the attorney for Brandon Hoge, stressed that the "CPS investigation was not nearly as thorough as the Carmel Police investigation" and denied that his client assaulted the boy on the bus or was even present for the alleged locker room assaults.

Of the school bus incident, Crum said, "There is no deviant or felonious behavior depicted, and in fact most of the witnesses characterize the incident as horseplay."

6News has contacted the Hamilton County prosecutor and Carmel Police Department for comment.

DCS spokeswoman Ann Houseworth said that the agency's reports are released to the victims involved and that they can do with them as they wish.

However, DCS won't verify the validity of the report because they don't comment on abuse claims.