Group: 8 Fired Because They Attended Immigration Rally

Coalition Considers Lawsuits Against Employers

At least eight people have been fired from their jobs because they participated in Monday's immigration march downtown, an immigrant advocacy group said Thursday.

The Indiana Justice For Immigration Coalition said the eight were among the 20,000 people who were at the event, which supported efforts that would make it easier for the country's illegal immigrants to settle in the U.S. legally.

The group said it is considering filing lawsuits against the five employers it says did the firing.

"I wouldn't want to be one of those employers," coalition member Tedd Cain said. "They admittedly are hiring illegals and then firing them when they protest for their rights."

Information on whether any of the eight missed work to attend the rally wasn't available. The coalition made the name of only one of the workers -- Olga Aguilar -- public.

The group said Delta Services Inc., an environmental hazards removal company, fired Aguilar after she attended the march, which began at about 5 p.m. Monday and finished that evening with a rally at the City-County Building. Aguilar, who says she is a legal resident of Indianapolis, was an asbestos remover for Delta.

Delta's president, Stephen Werner, declined an on-camera interview with 6News. In a typed statement, Werner, addressing "the alleged improper dismissal of certain Hispanic employees," said Delta "cannot allow or afford unexcused absences or tardiness that can affect the demands" of projects.

The coalition planned to address the issue on Spanish-language radio stations Thursday night and look for other people who feel they were fired for attending the rally.

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