Hate Messages Left On Bullying Victim's Memorial Page

School District To Respond Friday

Homophobic hate messages were left Thursday on a memorial page set up for Billy Lucas, a Greensburg High School student who killed himself last week after being mercilessly bullied, friends said.

Numerous images were uploaded to a Facebook group, giving visitors a taste of the kind of hate Lucas endured, friends said.

The messages chided the teen about defending himself and made attacks on his presumed sexuality, 6News' Joanna Massee reported.

Lucas was found hanged in a barn at his grandmother's house last week. Some of the messages attempted to make light of the way Lucas died.

Former Greensburg student Gretchen Miller read the messages in horror.

"You would think this would open people's eyes, especially the school system," she said.

Miller, 19, dropped out of high school two years ago because, she said, she couldn't take being bullied constantly. Miller said she was made fun of because of her weight.

"They would say, 'You know, why don't you just kill yourself? There'd be a lot less weight on this earth,'" she said.

Miller said she sometimes wished she were dead, but that she would never commit suicide.

After Lucas' death, Principal Phil Chapple said he was not aware that the teen was being bullied.

Miller said she told Chapple she was being bullied many times, but that school officials never ensured the behavior stopped.

"I was in his office almost on a daily basis," Miller said.

One day, Miller said, she refused to go to school because the bullying had gotten so serious. She said Chapple came to her home and brought her to school.

"How many principals have to actually go to someone's house and get a kid because they won't go to school?" Miller said.

Greensburg Community Schools Superintendent Tom Hunter said he will make a televised announcement Thursday about how the school system will address what the teen's death and reported bullying problems at area schools.