Hawks Harass Unsuspecting Churchgoers

DNR Says Hawk Nest Can't Be Moved

A church in northern Indiana has an unusual addition to his congregation that's left some parishioners running for cover.

Two hawks have made a home on the front side of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in downtown Mishawaka, WSBT-TV reported.

For the most part, they keep to themselves, but the parents can get a little protective, even swooping down on unsuspecting pedestrians.

"Well, they got one lady on the top of her head and she had to have stitches, and another woman on the side of her face," Father Terry Fisher told the TV station.

The church called the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, but the agency said the hawks are a protected species, so the nest can't be removed.

Churchgoers have been advised to use umbrellas as protection until they get inside.

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