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Department of Workforce Development: Healthcare, tech jobs to surge in 2019

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Posted at 5:30 AM, Jan 10, 2019
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INDIANAPOLIS — As we kick off 2019, RTV6 wanted to know what industries were seeing momentum in the new year, and what industries will remain stagnant.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has all that data, and it is closely monitoring current trends.

“There are tons of opportunities out there,” research director Fran Valentine said. “Not only from jobs that are growing, but also from jobs that would be replacements due to retirements or from occupational transfers.”

That’s the good news, especially if you’re looking for a job in the medical field or technology.

“Healthcare occupations from the certificate level from occupations like certified nursing aides, personal care aides, all the way through physicians and nurse practitioner occupations are going to be very in demand, along with tech jobs as you might imagine," Valentine said.

Personal care aides, physical therapists, and registered nurses will see a combined 12 percent increase in jobs. Software developers will see an 8 percent increase. The skilled trades are also seeing a surge.

“We’re seeing HVAC technicians, engineering technicians, plumbers, electricians, extremely in demand along with construction managers and really, the list goes on and on,” Valentine said.

The list doesn’t go on and on in some industries, including education. While jobs will be available, it won’t be many.

Jobs to completely avoid include ones that could be easily replicated by a machine.

“Any job that you can think about that would be repetitive or very predictable," Valentine said. "We see that tax preparers is an at-risk job for automation just because of the increase in technology that we’ve seen through TurboTax.”

Valentine has this advice for prospective job seekers in the new year: keep open to prospects that might be available to you.

“Look for those NextLevel Job programs that are available that could help you upskill or make a change in a career, and just make the most of all the information that’s out there," Valentine said.

For more information on the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and NextLevel Jobs, click here.

Below is a database with more than 700 occupations. At the top of the list, personal care aides with a projected 1,660 new jobs. At the bottom of the list is tellers, as the department is projecting a loss of 156 total jobs.

2019 Indiana Job Projections (Text)

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