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Mooresville program gives students a head start in construction work

Classroom to Career
Posted: 12:58 PM, Aug 05, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-05 12:58:32-04

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MOORESVILLE — Construction related jobs are among the highest in demand. One area high school is giving its students a head start in building a career in construction.

By all measures, a cross section of construction techniques are at work as students take on projects to improve the facilities at Mooresville High School.

"For me, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated," Braden Bantley said. "In this class kind of helps you with learning about different jobs you can do."

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Students in the building trades program get a taste of engineering, HVAC and more in the classroom and then put those skills in motion.

"So these lockers came unassembled," Kevin Bradshaw, building trades instructor, said. "We had to assemble 84."

Under the guidance of professionals, students worked on the installation of athletic lockers for varsity and junior varsity teams. They also played a key role in updating a training room facility.

"This is very passionate for me," Bradshaw said. "You can walk through from one end of this building to the other and you can see without their name written on it you can see work that a student has done."

Construction skills are among the most wanted in the state.

"He will teach us not just about building trades but everything, respect," Bantley said.

While some may find a job right out of high school, others are going to college seeking an engineering degree or a business degree to manage an operation or run their own business.

"In addition to the skills of learning electrical wiring, doing some plumbing and laying block, etc. they also know how to work hard and what it means to work hard in a way that's different than we can show in the classroom," Principal Brian Disney said.

For those seeking to build up their trade skills, Mooresville is pioneering a path for students to find success.