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Program works to ensure students are dressed for success

Hiring Hoosiers
Posted at 5:30 AM, Feb 26, 2019
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INDIANAPOLIS — No dress suit, tie, or dress shoes can be a serious barrier to making that first impression for a job or scholarship interview.

Andrew Velez wants to be an engineer and Bryce Thomas-Cook a neurosurgeon. The high school juniors are on track to go to college and are looking for an edge in the reaching their goals.

"You don't want to go out to an interview dressed in your laid back chill type of clothes," Thomas-Cook, said.

"From this experience right here, you can learn how to dress and show yourself out," Velez saod while looking for a suit jacket.

Both students are enrolled in Upward Bound through IUPUI. The program works with promising high school students throughout the year especially providing guidance to earn a diploma and enroll in college. Participants also receive one-on-one mentoring, volunteer in the community, and explore career opportunities.

"While we want our students to be academically ready, they need to be ready on this as well," Esther Gamble, who led the Upward Bound program, said.

Upward Bound connects with Success Wear — a program run by St. Vincent Hospital.

Since 2007, Success Wear has opened its doors to young men and adult men in central Indiana who need professional attire to attain financial independence and security through a job.

Michelle Mitchell oversees the program aligned with the attire expectations of employers in the region.

"This is our way of ensuring people have the tools they need for success," Michelle Mitchell, who oversees the program, said. "The cost of a suit can be $200 to $300 and we equip our facility here to like a department store."

This program is similar to Dress for Success which caters to women and assists them with appropriate workplace attire.

During the Upward Bound visit, each student spent about an hour in the Success Wear rooms where they could get two suits, two dress shirts, two ties, a belt, and a pair of shoes.

Volunteers from the community helped in picking out the clothing and in demonstrating how to tie a tie.

Success Wear gets referrals from a number of agencies.

To get more information or to see if you are eligible you can call 317-338-8509 or you can e-mail: