Hoosier Musicians Highlight Halftime Show

Drummers, Singers Perform With Madonna

Madonna may have been the star of the Super Bowl halftime show, but the support of some talented Hoosiers helped make the performance.

From the gladiators who carried the Material Girl to the stage, to the drummers led in by Cee Lo Green and the choir who joined her for "Like a Prayer," Indiana talent played a big part in the show.

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"It was the experience of a lifetime, and I got to share it with so many wonderful friends," said Tiffany Whisner, a local theater actress who sang in the choir.

Drummers from Avon, Center Grove, Franklin Central and Fishers high schools made up the drumline that joined Madonna on stage during the end of "Give Me All Your Luvin.'"

All the performers were sworn to secrecy to keep the details of the performance under wraps.

"We practiced for two weeks, and we really didn't get a break to do anything else," said Oscar Arredondo, a drummer from Avon.

Avon student Brad Klemmensen was chosen to play one of the gladiators who escorted Madonna to the stage at the beginning of the show.

"It was basically a lunge," he said of the group's dramatic entrance.

The show hit a hiccup when one of Madonna's guest performers, UK rapper M.I.A., saluted the camera with what the NFL described as an obscene gesture and uttered what appeared to be an expletive.

"It was really unprofessional. It was uncalled for. It didn't need to happen," said drummer Zack Prince, an Avon senior.

Still, the students involved in the production called performing at the Super Bowl a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"From going to the Rose Bowl (parade earlier this year) and doing the Super Bowl halftime show, this is the best way to top off the senior year," said Avon senior Dondre Marble.

Forty-five members of the Indianapolis Children's Choir also performed the national anthem with pop star Kelly Clarkson before the game.

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