Hoosiers Clamor For Free Lottery Tickets

Mega Millions Swells To $355 Million

A free lottery ticket giveaway attracted hundreds of takers Tuesday as the Mega Millions jackpot swelled to $355 million in a drawing to be held later in the day.

The Hoosier Lottery planned to give out free tickets to the first 330 people who show up at three different convenience stores during the day.

The first giveaway began at 6:30 a.m. and ran until 8 a.m. at the ampm convenience store near 38th Street and East Fall Creek Parkway.

Another 330 tickets will be given away from noon to 1 p.m. at a Village Pantry at 1224 S. Harding St.

The final giveaway of the day is scheduled from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the ampm store at 5201 N. Keystone Ave.

A woman who drove from Anderson to get a free ticket early Tuesday morning said she plans to help family, friends and charities if she wins.

The odds of claiming the jackpot are one in 175 million.

"I'd leave the country (if I win)," said Jesse Gant, who also wanted a free ticket.

"I thought that was real generous of them to give the opportunity, the chance to even think about becoming a millionaire," said Troy Holifield.

Mega Millions has been offered in Indiana for a little less than a year.

"Indiana is a pretty lucky state. We are very lucky when it comes to draw game jackpots," said Megan Wright, of Hoosier Lottery. "Indiana actually leads the nation in Powerball jackpot wins, so we are hoping to add Mega Millions to that list."

Some of the people who got free tickets bought more.

"I got the adrenaline going, making me think if I put more into it, I'll have a better opportunity," said Regina Cheeseborough.