Hoosiers Not Lucky In Lotto Jackpot Draw

Hoosier Lottery Goes For Year With No Jackpot Winners

No one won the record-high Hoosier Lottery jackpot Saturday night, making it a year since anyone has matched all six numbers in the game.

Because of the length of time with no jackpot winner, speculation about a cause for that oddity has begun to circulate, but lottery officials insist nothing is wrong with the system.

Numbers have been drawn the same way for six years, and there isn't anything different in the way the game is conducted, lottery officials said. It's simply luck, or lack thereof.

Media members were allowed to watch Saturday night's live drawing to get a glimpse of the process and allay the concerns of some who felt the long dry spell without a winner was indicative of a problem with the game.

Rather than drawing from little bouncing balls, the Hoosier Lottery jackpot drawing is computerized. A single button is pushed, and the computer picks the numbers randomly.

The computer is kept in a secure room and is made to be as tamper-proof as possible.

Odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 12 million. Most players 6News spoke with said the luck just hasn't been with them.

"I had every one of the numbers from different rows on my tickets, just not on the same line," said Wanda Bear.

The jackpot for Wednesday's drawing is up to an estimated $52.5 million.

There have been numerous winners within the last year. More than 16 million players have won more than $26 million combined, but the big prize remains ever elusive.

"Back in April 2005, in four draws of Hoosier Lotto, we had three jackpot winners. That's the other end of the spectrum, which kind of shows that our random number generator is truly random," said Andrew Reed, of Hoosier Lottery. "The computer has no idea from one draw to the next the numbers that have been selected."

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