Hospital Tech Angry Over Christian Homework

Woman Says Supervisor Assigned Readings, Worksheets

A former hospital worker is suing Clarian Health after she claims her supervisor made her complete Christian-based homework.

Dana Wilson worked at Clarian Arnett Hospital in Lafayette in April 2009 as a phlebotomist, a technician that oversees blood draws.

She said she wanted to show her supervisor, Roxie McKee, why work was being delayed, so she took a cell phone picture of work areas left a mess by earlier shifts.

"They have their buckets a mess, dirty needles. It was unorganized. I took a picture. I thought I was doing the right thing," Wilson told 6News' Rafael Sanchez.

Instead, Wilson was disciplined for violating the blood lab area's no cell phone policy, and was put on probation for 90 days.

It was during that time that Wilson said her supervisor assigned her Bible-based worksheets and readings, including excerpts from Christian-based author T.D. Jakes and a form entitled "Christian Foundation Test," which asked about Satan and Jesus.

"I was offended. I was hurt. I felt more pressure," Wilson said. "I was walking on eggshells trying to keep my job. I had to work. If I don't work, I don't eat."

Wilson said she notified the human resources department of her opposition to the assignments, and said she was told they would look into her complaint.

After her probation had ended, Wilson was fired in August. She appealed and said she was told she was let go due to restructuring and because she had been seen with a cell phone on more than one occasion.

Prior to her dismissal, Wilson had received good marks on her work performance evaluation, a review that noted she met expectations when it came to service excellence, work flow, work quality, job knowledge and attendance.

A representative with Clarian Health refused to discuss the case, but told 6News in a statement that giving employees on probation religious assignments is "not our practice."

"This case is in active litigation and we dispute and deny these allegations," an e-mailed statement read.

Wilson was so upset with her dismissal that she filed a lawsuit in federal court by herself.

She said she's speaking out because she could use some legal advice ahead of the trial, set to start in January 2012.

"It's very overwhelming. I want to go as far as possible," Wilson said. "I don't want someone else to have to go through this because it's unfair."

Wilson has moved back to Indianapolis and found work with a different hospital.