IFD Firefighters Volunteer In Henryville

Crews Help Henryville Firefighters With Recovery Efforts

Some Indianapolis firefighters spent their weekend helping Hoosiers in southern Indiana recover from the deadly tornadoes that hit the region last week.

The Indianapolis Fire Department sent a crew of four firefighters to Henryville to staff a fire station for 36 hours, giving firefighters time to continue their recovery efforts.

“Our operations chief sent out an email saying that our assistance has been requested. These guys are just being overwhelmed and there's a lot going on. A lot of their own homes are destroyed and damaged,” IFD firefighter Mike Reeves said. "We were one of the hundreds that wanted to do it, so I'm very thankful that IFD sent us down.”

The firefighters volunteered hours outside of their allotted union hours so that no overtime would be charged to the city.

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