Indianapolis Airport Practices Tornado Safety Without Sirens

Drill Helps Passengers, Employees Prepare For Severe Weather

Weather sirens blared twice throughout Indiana on Wednesday as a part of a statewide tornado drill.

However, workers at the Indianapolis International Airport tested their preparedness plan without sirens because many incoming passengers were not aware of the drill, RTV6's Stacia Matthews reported.

The airport’s terminal is surrounded by glass, and a tornado packing winds greater than 70 mph could break the windows.

Employee Constance Bourquein said the goal of the airport’s tornado drill is to quickly guide everyone to safety, RTV6's Stacia Matthews

"We have to prepare to get everybody away from the windows and lead them to the shelter areas,” Bourquein said.

Although the drill only lasted a few minutes, that’s all it takes for a tornado to cause damage.

Airport Chief Operating Officer Mike Nedvecek said the drill was helpful because it will help employees be more prepared in case of an emergency.

"If we find areas where we have deficiencies, we'll improve on that. But from what I've seen, our staff is well-prepared for an event," he said.

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