Indy Approves Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

The Indianapolis City-County Council passed a human rights ordinance Monday, banning sexual discrimination in the workplace and housing market.

The measure passed by a 15-14 vote. Opponents insisted that existing laws already protect homosexuals.

Councilman Scott Schneider was among those who voted against the ordinance. He promised to propose a 1-year moratorium to keep the law from taking effect.

Schneider said votes were traded between the police consolidation and human rights issues. Both had failed in earlier tries to get them passed.

"They leaned, they threatened people to vote a certain way and that is not how the process is supposed to work," Schneider said.

Others said the vote showed that Indianapolis has become a more progressive city.

"The Christian gospel has always been about grace and tolerance and welcoming the stranger and that's what the City-County Council has done," said Jeff Miner, of the Jesus Metropolitan Christian Church.

The ordinance creates new rules for companies with more than six workers and creates a board to hear and decide on claims of discrimination.

The board will be formed next July. A violator could appear before a circuit or superior court judge.

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