Indy Ramps Up Bike Lanes

City Aims To Be More Bike Friendly

The addition of bike lanes to some heavily trafficked city streets marks a concerted effort to make the city more bike friendly.

Bike lanes will be added to eastbound New York Street and westbound Michigan Street, with more planned in the future, 6News' Julie Pursley reported.

"It would definitely be safer if we had lanes just for bikes," said Nathan Byers, who rides to work downtown.

The new bike lanes, which are expected to be done within six weeks, will stretch between White River Parkway and Arlington Avenue.

"We are finally referred to here as the crossroads of America," said Mayor Greg Ballard. "Soon, that will include these bike lanes, which I think is positive for all of us."

The Department of Public Works used cities such as Chicago and Portland as models.

"They will be five feet wide, striped with on street pavement markings and supplementary bike signage," said project manager Andy Lutz. "They are strictly for bicycle riders, not for pedestrian or through traffic."

The city and avid cyclists said everyone will have to get used to sharing the road.

"Give us the space we need and realize we're not taking up your parking space. We're not contributing to pollution," said cyclist Amy Deitchley. "There's actually more room for cars on the road if more are riding bikes."

The city already has the $200,000 needed for the two bike lanes. Ballard said funding options will need to be explored for future bike lanes to connect other parts of the city.