Infant Dies Days After Pregnant Mom Drank Rat Poison

Woman Could Face Murder, Feticide Charges

A 2-day-old girl died Sunday because her mother consumed rat poison about a week before she was born, police said Monday.

A homicide investigation began after the Marion County Coroner's Office told Indianapolis police about an infant who died at Methodist Hospital.

According to a police report, the infant's 34-year-old mother told friends in Anderson that she ingested rat poison two days before Christmas.

The mother gave birth on New Year's Eve, and the baby, Angel Shuai, died two days later, 6News' Joanna Massee reported.

At first, police didn't connect the infant's death to poisoning, but said Monday afternoon that the baby girl was slain.

Investigators haven't yet talked to the mother, but said she could face charges of murder or feticide.

"It is a very unfortunate situation, very rare circumstances that someone would take rat poisoning in an attempt to either harm themselves or their unborn baby," said Kendale Adams, Indianapolis police public information officer.

The mother is originally from the Pacific Islands and moved to the U.S. about 10 years ago, police said. She has very few family members in Indianapolis but lives with a man who is either her boyfriend or husband, investigators said.

Police said the mother is undergoing psychiatric treatment at Methodist Hospital.

Abortion is legal in Indiana, but former Marion County Judge Gary Miller said strict laws govern the procedure.

"The fact that there was no licensed physician supervising in a particular case means that the act of abortion is a criminal offense," Miller said.