Is Your Pool Against The Law?

Many Who Violate Pool Ordinance Not Aware

Splishing and splashing in a pool could leave you in some hot water with police.

Countless Indiana homeowners are breaking the law with their outdoor pool and most don't even know it.

Inflatable pools are an inexpensive way to cool off on a hot summer day. But if set up improperly, the cheap diversion could lead to a citation.

A permit must be obtained for any pool deeper than 18 inches. Pools meeting the size criteria must also have a locking cover or a surrounding fence at least 5 feet tall. The pools can only be placed in the back yard.

College student Danny Hamer told RTV6's Eric Weisfeld he and his roommates were unaware of the ordinance.

"Everybody's got these pools and we have nowhere else to put it," Hamer said.

Neighbor Elwood Black said he has little sympathy for his pool-owning neighbors on the left or Danny on the right. Inflatable pools seem to be popping up everywhere in his neighborhood and, after living here 53 years, he'd hoped he wouldn't be nervous about letting his grandchildren play outdoors.

"I would't feel very safe unless I was watching them. I wouldn't want to leave them alone under those circumstances," Black said.

Indianapolis zoning officials are lurking in neighborhoods. Pool violations are among the most common.

"We have zoning inspectors who go out in the neighborhoods everyday looking for zoning violations of all types, including swimming pools," Justin Olhemiller, of the Dept. of Metropolitan Development, said.

The same laws affecting inflatable pools also apply to outdoor hot tubs.

Fines for violating the ordinance vary. Anyone with questions about their pool or hot tub can call the division of compliance at 327-8700.

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