Janitor To Keep Job, Kids Back In Class After Prank

All Suspensions Are Lifted

A high school custodian will apparently keep her job and dozens of students have been allowed back in class after a flap over a senior prank.

Five seniors and one junior at Cascade High School in Clayton were suspended for two days after they posted 12,000 sticky notes in decorative displays in the school's hallways, windows and floors Monday night.

Superintendent Patrick Spray recommended that a custodian who supervised the students during the prank be fired, although students said it was a board member and parent of one of the suspended students who let them in the building.

On Wednesday, nearly 60 students were suspended after staging a sit-in protest in the school's gymnasium over administrators' handling of the prank.

Parents told RTV6's Julie Pursley on Thursday morning that school officials had made calls to say that if students came to school and attended a special meeting with no disruptions, their records would be cleared.

Those leaving Thursday morning's meeting told RTV6 that school officials said the custodian would not be fired, but Mill Creek Community School Corp. Assistant Superintendent Jill Jay would not confirm that, saying that it's a personnel issue and that the employee would meet with Spray and the school board soon.

Jay called the meeting with students "very positive and moving," and said that the original six students involved in the prank spoke first to the other suspended students and that their level of maturity was "amazing."

After the meeting, everyone went to class, Jay said, and Spray stayed behind to offer an apology to parents, telling them the backlash that resulted from the prank was not what anyone anticipated.

"We'd like to focus on the great things happening here, and we couldn't do that until we started listening to each other," Jay said. "We're a small, proud community, and this is a first step in moving forward and continuing to make sure our students succeed."

Jay said there are still probably hard feelings over the incident but that the school is committed to helping everyone heal.

"I'm pretty relieved with the way we handled this as a group and as a community," said senior student Michael Murray. "It's a lot better than anything that I've ever seen. I never thought this would explode as well as it did."

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