Judge Orders Sex Club Closed

A two-year battle between a sex club on the west side and the city is over.

A judge ordered the Reel One sex club on West Washington Street to shut down.

The club opened in 1992. City and police opened an investigation in 2003.

Officials said they found nudity and large groups of people watching and having sex inside the club.

The buildings doors were locked Wednesday evening after the ruling, RTV6's Ericka Flye reported.

The club's owners were involved in a protracted legal battle with the city. Frank and Ann Broadhacker refused comment to RTV6 at a court appearance in April.

Their attorney maintained that the couple did nothing wrong and had a right to operate the sex club.

"The activity that occurs in a private setting among consenting adults is perfectly appropriate and lawful activity," said Reel One attorney, Richard Kammen.

Investigators said Reel One violates licensing laws, allows live sex on the premises, and operates within 500 feet of a residential neighborhood.

Connie Doolin, who lives next to the sex club, did not want it to be shut down.

"I've never had a problem with Frank or any of his people … So, I think it's a bunch of bull that they closed him down," Doolin said.

Residents of another home nearby also said the Broadhackers are good neighbors and that they had never seen trouble.

The judge not only ordered the owners to stop using the Reel One property for their sex club. They were also barred from running a live sex club anywhere else in the city.

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