Judge Orders Sex Club To Shut Down

Mayor Touts Decision As Major Victory For City

A Marion County judge has ordered a west-side Indianapolis sex club to shut down.

The city says a swinger club operates in this building on Indianapolis' west side. City officials say the club is in violation of several ordinances.

Under the ruling, the Reel One sex club must cease operations by July 6. The city had sought the club's closure since 2003, arguing that it is in violation of several ordinances, including one that prohibits operation of an adult entertainment business within 500 feet of a residential area.

The city's case against Reel One began after two undercover Indianapolis officers, married to each other, reported entering the club posing as swingers and witnessing sexual activity.

Lawyers for the club's owners did not dispute that sexual activity occurred at the club, but contended that what happened between consenting adults was not a matter of public concern.

The club's attorneys also said that because it opened in 1992, it pre-dated the city's efforts to curb such businesses.

Mayor Bart Peterson's office touted the decision as a major victory.

"Our zoning laws exist for a reason: to protect families and children from being exposed to the negative effects that adult businesses can have on a community," Peterson said. "Illegal adult establishments like Reel One are a detriment to strong, healthy neighborhoods and simply will not be tolerated in Indianapolis."

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