Judge Sets Bond For Woman Charged In Rat Poison Case

Bei Bei Shuai Could Be Released On $50,000 Bond

An Indianapolis woman charged with murder and feticide for eating rat poison while pregnant was granted a bond from jail.

Marion County Superior Court Judge Sheila Carlisle held a bond hearing in Indianapolis on Friday in for 35-year-old Bei Bei Shuai. She's been in jail since being charged in March 2011.

Carlisle refused to allow Shuai to be released from jail last June, but the Indiana Court of Appeals later ordered her to set bond for the Chinese immigrant. The Indiana Supreme Court last week allowed the appeals court ruling to stand. However, both higher courts declined to dismiss the charges against Shuai.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry argued for at least $100,000 bond, RTV6's Derrik Thomas reported.

"This defendant wrote a letter prior to taking the steps she did, that it was her intent to not only kill herself, but her unborn child," Curry said.

Instead, Carlisle ordered a $50,000 bond for Shuai. She surrendered her passport was will be placed on GPS monitoring, if she is able to post bond.

Shuai quietly thanked Judge Carlisle.

"I thank you, your honor. I will show up for court every time," Shuai said.

Shuai's attorney Linda Pence asked for donations for her bond and her defense.

"My office has already personally invested $550,000 in time and expenses because we believe in Bei Bei Shuai. Obviously, we have to pay our bills, too. We need help," Pence said.

If Shuai posts bond, she will not be released until she has a meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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