Kroger Manager Resigns In Wake Of Fatal Shooting

Man Says He Knows He Put Store In Difficult Position

A Kroger manager who fatally shot a man who police said was trying to rob the store voluntarily resigned Wednesday.

Elijah "Levi" Elliott, 24, shot Jeremy Atkinson, 26, at the Kroger store at 5025 W. 71st St. on Dec. 26, after Atkinson put an employee in a chokehold and charged at Elliott, police said.


Reading from a statement and standing beside his attorney, Elliott said he knew of Kroger's policy banning guns in the workplace, but said he had chosen to carry a weapon for the last three years.

Elliott said he feared for his life and that he does not regret his actions, but understands that he put Kroger in a difficult position.

"I hoped I never would have had to use my weapon for protection. Mr. Atkinson chose to commit a violent and dangerous act," Elliott said.

Prosecutors said last month that Elliott would not be charged because they believe the shooting was justified under Indiana law to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

At the time of the shooting, Atkinson had a warrant out for his arrest in connection with a robbery and criminal confinement case.

He had been given a six-year sentence in that case and had been released to community corrections before a warrant was issued for his arrest in February because he violated terms of his release, prosecutors said.

Elliott, who has worked at Kroger for six years, thanked the company for its support in the aftermath of the shooting and for being "genuinely concerned about my well-being." He said the company offered to keep him on, but he said he wants a fresh start.

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