Law Firm Agrees To Reimburse Wayne Township's Legal Fees

Fees Incurred During Former Superintendent Terry Thompson's Lawsuit

The Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township has reached a settlement agreement regarding former superintendent Terry Thompson’s $1 million retirement payout.

Law firm Bose, McKinney and Evans has agreed to reimburse the school district $435,000 for legal fees the district incurred for the Thompson investigation and lawsuit.

As the Call 6 Investigators reported earlier this year, many taxpayers are outraged the district is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to sue Thompson.

Jon Bailey of Bose, McKinney and Evans, the school district’s attorney at the time, signed off on Thompson’s contract, saying he was looking for legal implications, not financial. The school district later fired Bailey, RTV6's Kara Kenney reported.

In the settlement agreement, the law firm did not admit any wrongdoing and said Thompson did not fully disclose information to the school district and Bose, McKinney and Evans.

“I was very impressed with the law firm coming forward and acting in a responsible manner,” said Linda Pence, attorney for the MSD of Wayne Township School Board. “That’s what good lawyers do. It was clear there was never any deceit.”

The school board filed a lawsuit against Thompson in November 2011, accusing Thompson of scheming the district out of millions of dollars in compensation. Pence told the Call 6 Investigators she hopes to reach some sort of settlement with Thompson.

“Absolutely, regardless of what’s happened, he was very well compensated by that district and the taxpayer for many years,” said Pence. “In fact, he had as high of a salary of any superintendent in Indiana.”

Pence told RTV6 that Bose, McKinney and Evans likely did not want to be in litigation with a former client.

“They took, what I consider, the high road,” Pence said.

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