LiTEBOX Unveils Plans For Indy Headquarters

CEO: Work Already Being Done

A media company that's promised to bring 1,100 new jobs to Indianapolis unveiled plans for its new headquarters Monday.

Renderings released exclusively to RTV6 show LiTEBOX Inc.'s proposed factory at West 84th Street and Bearing Drive on the city's northwest side.

Founder and CEO Bob Yanagihara told RTV6 that the factory will need 900 workers covering three shifts to build large mobile video screens to be sold for $3 million per unit.

Questions have been raised about the jobs announcement, made shortly before the contentious mayoral election, LiTEBOX's claims of partnerships with Panasonic and Bose and possible tax liens against Yanagihara.

But Yanagihara, who was in Indianapolis on Monday for meetings, said the project is moving forward and that work is already being done on an operations center planned for East Washington Street downtown.

The company was offered $11 million in city and state tax abatement and training grants, but the deal is structured so that LiTEBOX doesn't get the incentives if it doesn't follow through on its job plans.

Yanagihara said LiTEBOX will work with CFA Staffing in Indianapolis to fill positions at the factory and operations center. He did not provide further details.

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