1 killed in shooting at Don's Guns in Indianapolis

Gun shop owner: Customer shot employee

INDIANAPOLIS - A man was killed after he shot an employee at a popular Indianapolis gun store Monday, police said.

Police identified the man as 26-year-old Brian Wayner of Indianapolis.

The shooting happened just after noon inside Don's Guns at 38th Street and Lafayette Road.

Don Davis, the store owner who has become a local celebrity with a string of quirky commercials, told reporters Wayner came into the store, rented a gun and fired three boxes of ammunition at the attached range.

"I've been here 40 years. This is the gun business. You have a kook every now and then," Davis said.

When Wayner came to the counter afterward, employee Ben Chance was reading him off his total when Wayner pulled a gun and shot the employee, Davis said.

"He didn't say a word. He washed his hands, came up and Ben said, 'Your bill is ...' whatever he said, and the guy shot him," Davis said.

"I've got it on tape," Davis added. "He walked up and shot my guy -- just shot him. Bang, bang."

Chance, who has worked at the gun store for 19 years, fired back, killing the gunman with one shot, Davis said.

"He did exactly what any of us would do," Davis said. "We'll shoot you back. And there were two guns right behind him to shoot him if he wasn't dead. He'd have never got up off the floor."

Chance was taken to an area hospital with at least one gunshot wound. He is expected to recover, Davis said.

Gillace and Deborah Samples were shopping in the store at the same time as Wayner and saw him go into the range. They said they feel lucky to be alive.
"We bought a shot gun but we forgot her I.D., we had to go back home and get it," Gillace Samples said. "We were in there about 10 minutes after 12 p.m. They say this happened about 20 after. So we just had gotten out of there or we probably would have gotten shot too."

Davis said employees always watch for red flags, but Monday's deadly shooting was unpredictable.

"It's impossible (to predict)," Davis said. "That's not even a good question. How in the hell do we know who's in their right mind today?"

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