2 houses hit by bullets from target shooters

GREENWOOD, Ind. - Police say two homes in suburban Indianapolis were hit by bullets from a group of teenagers and adults target shooting with high-powered rifles.

The incident was reported Sunday afternoon in the Southern Pine subdivision.

Greenwood police say the bullets hit the houses after traveling hundreds of yards from the field where they were fired.

Harmandip Chahal’s family found two bullets in their home. One was lodged in a wall and the other was on the floor of the master bedroom.

"I thought someone threw a rock and then I called my dad and we went outside, but when we came back inside my dad saw that hole," Chahal said.

Officials said children were inside the second home where homeowners reported bullet impact.

Police say about a dozen people, including three teenagers, were target shooting with AR-15 rifles about two and a half miles away.

The group was firing multiple firearms at targets placed in the field and small tree line to the west. Police said the homes that were hit could easily be seen in the background.

"People that own a gun or shoot it need to do it in a safe area not where kids are at playing around, because a kid could just playing on the street and get hit," neighbor Megan McWhortor said.

Police say the group stopped shooting once they knew about the danger and no arrests were made. No injuries were reported.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department issued a firearms ordinance violation to the property owner, who faces a possible fine.

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