2015 could end as Indy's deadliest year ever

INDIANAPOLIS -- This year could not only become the bloodiest in Indianapolis history – it could shatter the previous record in doing so.

Currently, the deadliest year on record in the city's history was 1998, when 143 people were killed. Ranked below that is 2006, which saw 140 homicides.

But after three years of increasing violence, 2015 is on pace to hit as many as 156 homicides by year's end.

See how 2015's homicide rate compares to previous years in the chart below:

The year started out on a different tone. Homicides were down more than 30 percent year-to-date during the first several months of the year, and remained down even through June.

But in July, a surge in violence moved the average time between homicides from more than three days to less than two. Between July and September, 48 people were killed – compared to 53 homicides for the six months prior.


Marion County Sheriff John Layton said at a press conference Friday it was obvious things weren't headed in the right direction.

"It has kind of stepped up," he said. "I think anyone who's been in a uniform, of any color, for any length of time can see that things are not progressing well. They're going in the direction that we fight every day as police, sheriffs and faith-based community."

Even as violence rises in Indianapolis, though, not all areas have been equally affected. Click here to see which parts of the city rank as "Indy's most dangerous."


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