3-year-old nearly drowns in Columbus pool

COLUMBUS, Ind. - A 3-year-old boy narrowly escaped drowning at a Columbus apartment pool on Thursday afternoon.

An officer with the Columbus Police Department was the first to arrive and performed measures to remove water from the child’s lungs, officials with the Columbus Fire Department said.

Lt. Matt Myers said he put the child in a recovery position and applied back blows to help remove water from the boy’s lungs.

"This is an ideal time of year for watersports. Whether you are in a pool or a natural body of water, there is always a possibility that something unforeseen can occur, especially when children are involved," Myers said.

The father of the boy told police he was trying to teach his older son to swim and the 3-year-old was freely floating on a raft.

When the father turned around, he said the boy was floating face-down in the pool. He estimated the boy was in the water for a minute.

The boy was transported to Columbus Regional Health and was conscious and alert at the time. His current condition was not known.

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