5th suspect arrested in Richmond Hill blast

INDIANAPOLIS -- A fifth person was arrested in connection to a deadly 2012 south-side blast that killed two people and damaged or destroyed dozens of homes.

Glenn Hults was arrested Tuesday afternoon on a charge of conspiracy to commit arson in connection to the deadly Richmond Hill explosion.

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Four others have already been arrested in the case. Bob and Mark Leonard were arrested in December 2012 and will face separate trials in Fort Wayne and South Bend.

Monserrate Shirley, the woman whose house exploded, accepted a plea deal earlier this year. She led police to the fourth suspect, Gary Thompson, and will testify against the other suspects.

Thompson was arrested in January 2015. He is still waiting for a trial date to be set.

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Shirley also led police to Hults. According to court documents, Shirley told Hults about the plans to have a fire at her house and collect the insurance money.

Marion County prosecutors said Hults agreed to watch Shirley's daughter at his house on the weekend of the planned fire. He also agreed to keep Shirley's pictures safe, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Shirley's daughter also stayed with Hults the two previous weekends, when it is alleged that the suspects failed to set the house on fire. 

According to court documents, Hults communicated with Mark Leonard at least 10 times between Nov. 1 and Nov. 15 of 2012. Shirley had communication with Hults at least three times.

Shirley told prosecutors that Hults told her, "You’re crazy, Bob Leonard is crazy, they are going to blow up the whole neighborhood," according to court documents.

The explosion at Shirley's home resulted in the deaths of neighbors John and Jennifer Longworth.

Hults made his first appearance before a judge Wednesday afternoon. He asked the judge to reduce his bond, saying the $100,000 is unnecessarily high for someone who holds a steady job and has no significant criminal history.

The judge entered a not guilty plea for Hults.

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