911 call reveals details of fatal shooting at Don's Guns that left one dead, one critically injured

Police: there's no clear motive for the shooting


The 911 call came from inside the store just seconds after a well-dressed young man with no criminal record calmly shot a store clerk in the chest. 

"911. What is the location of your emergency?"

"3807 Lafayette Road. This is Don's Guns."

According to the police report, 26-year-old Brian Wayner of Indianapolis arrived in a rented, 2012 black Camaro with Tennessee plates.

Store owner Don Davis said Wayner rented a gun, shot three boxes of ammo at the store's indoor range then, without saying a word, shot clerk Ben Chance in the chest.

"We have a customer who came in to rent a gun and he shot one of our guys and then he got shot," the 911 caller said.  

Chance returned fire, killing Wayner.

Chance was taken off a ventilator Tuesday.

Wayner used to be a student at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, but he did not graduate.  

The last semester he attended there was fall 2009.

Metro police said they still don't know why the former IUPUI student opened fire.

Surveillance cameras inside the store captured the shoot-out on video, but Metro police said that video will not be released since it's now evidence in their investigation.

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