All 5 Double 8 Foods stores closed after 58 years due to declining revenues

INDIANAPOLIS -- All five Double 8 Foods grocery stores closed Thursday -- without giving notice to customers or employees.

The news came as a shock and punch in the gut to the Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood. For 58 years, the store not only put food on the table, it also provided jobs to people in the community.

For many in the neighborhood, Double 8 was the only choice for groceries, a walkable destination for fresh meat, produce and staples like bread, butter and milk.

The store's closing is a setback for a neighborhood struggling to reinvigorate itself.

"Now that it's not available, it's devastating for many of the low-to-moderate income residents that live in Mapleton-Fall Creek," said Leigh Riley-Evans with the Mapleton-Fall Creek Association.

The closing of the Double 8 leaves the neighborhood without a grocery for miles around -- the only option a smattering of food marts stocked with fried foods and cola. 

Double 8 first opened its doors in 1957. When other businesses fled declining neighborhoods, it remained open. But declining revenues and increasing overheads made it impossible for the small chain to keep the doors open. 

In a statement on its website, the company said:

It was a difficult and agonizing decision to make after operating for 58 years.  Unfortunately, our declining revenues was too much of a challenge to overcome.

The five locations that are closing are located at:

  • 555 Fairfield Ave.
  • 2907 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 2947 N. Sherman
  • 3902 N. Illinois St.
  • 4602 N. College Ave.

With the Double 8 Foods locations closing, the nearest grocery stores in the area are Safeway Foods Inc at 2435 North Sherman Drive, Aldi at 5235 N. Keystone Ave. and Goose the Market at 2503 N. Delaware St.


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