Anderson ballet group in jeopardy after fire destroys $52K in costumes

ANDERSON, Ind. - An Anderson ballet group is in jeopardy after a fire destroyed $52,000 in costumes they would have used for their Christmas performance of the Nutcracker.

Although the costumes were insured, time is of the essence and the Anderson Young Ballet Theatre is doubtful that the insurance money will come in time to remake the costumes.

The costumes were being stored at the Vogue Cleaners in Muncie but were burned in a fire there in May 2014.

"We lost the iconic Nutcracker," Board President Cheryl Shank.

Dancer Natalie Shively said the lack of costumes is disappointing, but the group is hoping that the show can still go on with more than 120 children signed up to participate in the production.

"We like to entertain. That's our main goal. We feel good to know we can make others feel good too," Shively said.

LouAnn Young, 84, founded the ballet company more than 40 years ago and says she's hopeful to get the money to purchase new costumes.

"I just pray that we get money in so we can at least make the costumes we are so missing," Young said.
"(If we don't) there would be thousands of people who come to the show annually as a part of their Christmas traditions. They would miss it terribly this year."

This year's show is scheduled to run from Dec. 18 through Dec. 21 at the Paramount Theater and the community is crossing its fingers that the costumes will be ready.

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