Thousands attend anti-RFRA rally Saturday

INDIANAPOLIS -- Gay-rights activists were joined by religious groups and members of the Indianapolis City-Council in voicing their opposition against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act during a march Saturday afternoon.

The rally began at Monument Circle at 12:30 p.m. and then continued at the Statehouse.

GALLERY: Thousands rally against RFRA

The rally was organized by people who believe the law will open the door to discrimination against the LGBT community.

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RTV6 political insider Abdul-Hakim Shabazz was at the rally Saturday, tweeting that approximately 3,000 people showed up to march against RFRA.

Indianapolis City-County Council Vice President John Barth said he doesn’t want the law to push people away from the state. He plans to bring a resolution proposal to the Council on Monday to declare the city’s disapproval with RFRA.

He believes RFRA is not a true representation of Indianapolis as a welcoming and inclusive place.

"Unfortunately we don't have the ability to take any action that's legally binding over at the General Assembly, but essentially, what we're doing is saying we're concerned about SB 101. We think it sends a negative impression about Indianapolis. Indianapolis is a welcoming, diverse community," Barth said.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is one of several organizations that will reconsider Indianapolis as a host city for their events.

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“When you cloak bigotry and hatred in the cloth of religious freedom, it's still bigotry and hatred," vice president Todd Adams said.

The organization will meet next week to discuss the possibility of leaving.

"We want to make sure as we look at other possible hosts for 2017, and then also for 2019, that we don't find ourselves in a similar situation in which our attendees might be unwelcomed," Adams said.

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