App lets parents track kids' school bus

INDIANAPOLIS - Want to track your child's school bus on your phone? There's an app for that.

By August, as many as seven Central Indiana school districts may be signed onto a service that would allow parents to track school busses through a mobile app.

The app, called "Here Comes the Bus," will be piloted at schools in the Avon, Wayne and Decatur Township districts next month.

The app will alert users when the bus is near, when it makes it to school, and also allow them to track its movements in between.

It was developed by Synovia Solutions in Indianapolis to help cut down the amount of time kids spend outside waiting for the bus during cold winters, and also to cut down the number of calls from parents when the bus is late.

"The question is always the same," said Jon King, president of Synovia Solutions. "My child's bus – where is it? They're standing at the bus stop, when's it going to get here? All of that, if the parent has this service, really goes away because they now can see for themselves where their child's bus is."

Synovia Solutions says it has contracts with 500 school districts across the country, and the app will be available to all of them by the end of the summer.

Click here for more information about the app.

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