Are you getting fewer automated telemarketing calls? Indiana thinks you are

Robocall complaints down significantly

INDIANAPOLIS - Are you getting fewer obnoxious automated phone calls? The state thinks you are.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said Friday that the number of robocall complaints to his office have dropped precipitously over the last two years, down from about 1,000 a month to 550.

While the decrease in complaints to the AG is significant, it's still an obvious thorn in the side of Hoosiers.

"Each year, the largest category of complaints with my office still involve violations of the no-call law and robocall statute," Zoeller said in a news release. "I know Hoosiers are frustrated, and that’s why we are dedicated to curbing these types of calls.”

The Attorney General's Office said that of more than 14,000 no-call complaints received last year, more than half of them involved prerecorded messages.

So far this year, the AG's office has received nearly 4,000 telemarketing call complaints.

Automated messaging calls are illegal in Indiana, even if a consumer's number is not on the no-call list. There are exceptions for school districts and employers messaging employees.

Under Indiana law, a live phone operator can also call to obtain permission to play a pre-recorded message.

The next deadline to sign up for the state's Do Not Call list is May 20. If you've already registered, there is no reason to do so again with the same phone number.

Numbers can be checked and added to the list at, and complaints can be filed at the same site.

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