Area police agencies patrol Indy as IMPD mourns

INDIANAPOLIS - Police agencies from across the region began patrolling the city streets to give officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department time to attend the visitation and funeral of Officer Perry Renn.

Officer Suzanne Woodland has stepped up in the face of tragedy. While a veteran of the Cumberland Police Department, she's now on patrol on the streets of Indianapolis. Her volunteer service is a gift to not only the public, but to her police brothers and sisters.

"I've been to my share of police funerals. And I personally would rather be doing something more helpful by letting others love on each other and grieve together and share their moments," Woodland said.

More than a dozen law enforcement agencies have committed to IMPD during this period of mourning. On Thursday afternoon, six Carmel police officers reported for roll call on the city's northwest side.

"Carmel is different to a certain extent. We still have the same problems. We have thefts. We have occasional robberies. We have burglaries. A lot of things translate no matter what the environment," said Lt. Charles Driver with the Carmel Police Department.

"This is going to be a trying day for our agencies. I just want you to know we'll get through it and we'll all work well together," one officer said.

Officer Greg Loveall grew up on the city's south side. He worked for the Los Angeles Police Department before joining the Carmel Police Department six years ago.

"It's been my honor to have the opportunity to help at a time of need for these officers. I'm glad to be able to come down here and help out any way I can," Loveall said.

The uniforms and the patches may look different, but there is a bond among those who have sworn an oath to put their lives on the line for others, held together by that thin blue line.

An IMPD spokesman wanted to assure Indianapolis residents that the city is safe and in good hands with the outside agencies. Much of their work was being supervised by IMPD officers.

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