Attorney of Greg Oden's alleged victim comes forward

INDIANAPOLIS - The attorney of the alleged victim involved in an incident with former NBA No. 1 draft pick Greg Oden came forward Wednesday evening.

The victim's attorney spoke exclusively about what she wants the public to know.

Michael Grieco said his client was extremely rattled by the emotional trauma she was going through.

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Grieco said his client is not ready to share her story about what happened on the night of Aug. 7 when Oden allegedly battered the woman, but Grieco said she was hurting physically and emotionally.

"She has been diagnosed as having a broken nose, she has multiple stitches. When I saw her she had two black eyes and I'm in possession of photographs from pretty much every day and some of the pictures have gotten progressively worse. But her face was swollen up like she had been beaten senseless," Grieco said.

Grieco said his client was recovering with family and she was not in Indiana. Her immediate goal was to get well but there could be surgery in her future.

Grieco spoke about what justice could mean for his client.

"Again it's too early; it's been what, less than a week since she got pummeled by a 7-foot-270-pound man that she had a two-year plus relationship with. I wouldn't cross that line or have that conversation with her yet. I don't think that's appropriate," Grieco said. "This isn't about money right now, this is about you know, making sure that as a victim of a crime, she has her rights protected and somebody is acting as a conduit between herself and the prosecutor's office to make sure there's no miscommunication and to make sure her rights are protected as a victim."

Grieco said his client wanted people to know that at some level she is doing OK and she is not asking for Oden to be put behind bars.

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