Baby dies weeks after fallen TV injury

INDIANAPOLIS - A baby died Wednesday, three weeks after being injured by a falling TV, officials confirmed.

Demetrius Jones, 11 months old, had been in critical condition at Riley Hospital for Children since the May 21 incident.

Jones' mother ran into the courtyard at Meadowlark Apartments on the city's far-east side screaming that a television had fallen on her child, and a nearby off-duty officer was able to respond immediately.

"To me it was an act of God," Detective David Miller told RTV6 the day after the accident. "I just happened to come out of the leasing office at the right time. I'm not a doctor, but if it had been a minute to 30 seconds later, he wouldn't have made it to the hospital."

According to the coroner's report, Jones died of blunt force trauma.

A special report by RTV6 reporter Tanya Spencer explored the danger of falling furniture.

Dr. Louis Profeta, an ER physician at St. Vincent Hospital, said the danger is real, especially with TVs becoming larger and sleeker.
"A lot of times, you have Xboxes attached to those items, so it makes it easier for a toddler to grab onto that cord and pull the TV over on themselves," Profeta said. "It's enough to critically injure a child, a toddler, that's for certain."
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