Ball State students urged to be good neighbors to Muncie residents

MUNCIE - Ball State University students returned to class Monday, much to the chagrin of some Muncie residents who aren't looking forward to another noisy year in their neighborhood.

Muncie resident Laurel Fisher said when classes start at Ball State, surrounding neighborhoods aren't as quiet as they once were.

"I wouldn't say I look forward to (school starting). It's kind of nice to have it a little quieter," Fisher said. "The first couple weeks are usually a littler rowdier than others."

This past weekend, Indiana State Excise Police arrested 71 people near campus for mostly alcohol-related offenses.

During the same two days last year, they arrested only 42 people and just 57 people in 2012.

Ball State Dean of Students Kay Bales said she's working with administrators to change those numbers.

"We look at all those statistics and our own internal statistics as well to inform us on what kind of education programs we should use. We also look at how our messaging should be changed or amended to our students each and every year," Bales said.

Ball State officials say they want to keep students safe and teach them how to be good neighbors.

In the coming weeks, students who live off campus can expect to see a bag at their door full of information on the state's lifeline laws, city noise ordinances and trash pickup. 

Fisher said she deals with the same issues at the start of every fall semester.

"(There's always) trash out at the street, not all in the trash can, broken glass, cans and other kinds of trash and things kind of strewn around," Fisher said.

Ball State officials said the informational bags will be handed out in September.

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