Two teens rescue woman from burning vehicle in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ind. – Two teens saved a woman from a burning vehicle in Columbus, Indiana Monday night.

Lane Richie, 17, and Matthew Luttrell, 19, sprang into action when they noticed a woman trapped inside her vehicle. The pair said Timberly Trueblood, 50, crashed into a tree and blacked out before her vehicle became engulfed in flames.

"When the tire blew is when the fire started. It really started getting warm,” said Richie. “Once we got the door open, it was definitely hot in there. The woman was sweating. She was unconscious. When we pulled her out of the car and got her away from it was when the fire got larger.”

Richie and Luttrell said about 20 people were standing near the scene taking photos during the rescue, but were not willing to assist.

Trueblood’s husband, Robert, said he knew something was wrong when his wife didn’t come home on time from work. He said he called the Columbus Police Department and found out about the crash.

Luttrell said he doesn’t feel like a hero, but happy he could help. 

“I feel like I was at the right place at the right time to get her out of there,” he said. “I was pretty scared. I didn't know what to do really. I'm glad we got her out in time."

Trueblood was taken to Columbus Hospital where she is still undergoing treatment. 

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