Best-selling author brings her story to Indianapolis

Lee Woodruff releasing her third book

INDIANAPOLIS - A woman who wears many hats appeared at "Big Hat Books and Arts" in Broad Ripple Monday evening.  Lee Woodruff is a TV news contributor, public speaker, advocate for injured service members, the wife of ABC's Bob Woodruff, mother of four and a New York Times best-selling author.

"I think so many women wear so many hats. I love all the roles. I can't tell you I do all of them well at all times," said Lee.

Last month, the humble Lee released her third book entitled, "Those We Love Most." It's her first fiction novel.

"I always wanted to write fiction and I always thought I would. If you said my first two books would be non- fiction, I would've thought you were crazy," Lee explained.

Lee said the novel is about two generations of a family dealing with a loss.

"But the book isn't about loss. It's about the secrets that come out; about how the family responds; about forgiveness; and making choices. And it's also about taking our eye off the ball, which can happen," she added.

 Perhaps what most know Lee from is a near-tragic loss -- when her husband was seriously hurt after a roadside bomb struck his vehicle in Iraq. Lee calls Bob a walking miracle and says although her family recovered, it is changed forever.

"I think we understand when we are all together and we have that moment, we need to seize it more. We need to focus less on the emails and the work and things we need to do, and laugh a little bit more," Lee told RTV6.

It's a life lesson Lee weaves throughout those many roles she takes on.

"Human beings are built to survive, which is kind of what I focus on in the novel," she explained.

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