Bond set at $100K for man accused of murdering mom with hammer

William Rainsberger accused of murder

INDIANAPOLIS - A judge set a bond Wednesday in the case of a man accused of murdering his mother with a hammer.

"I didn't hit her in the head with a hammer. I love my mother," William Rainsberger said.

Prosecutors said Rainsberger found his mother's body inside her apartment in the 800 block of North Shortridge Road in Nov. 2013. He called 911 and told dispatchers that someone bashed his mother's head in. Although the crime occurred in November, Rainsberger wasn't charged until May.

Because he was her primary caregiver and had her power of attorney, prosecutors suggested the motive for the murder was $98,000 he stood to inherit along with his brother and sister.

Rainsberger's attorney David Hennessy said the case against his client is virtually nonexistent.

"At the bail hearing, the detective admitted he did no investigation into the assets of this 57-year-old man who has never been arrested before. He had 8 times what he would get if his mother was deceased," Hennessy said.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have surveillance video of Rainsberger placing an object inside a Kroger dumpster, and theorize it may have been the murder weapon, but they were unable to recover whatever was placed in the dumpster.

In his ruling, Judge Kurt Eisgruber said "the state has not presented proof, by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant committed the charged acts."

Judge Eisgruber set the bond at $100,000.

RTV6 legal expert Jack Crawford said that the ruling was a rare move.

"It certainly foretells that there may be some problems with the state's case at trial.  If they can't show by a preponderance of the evidence that he very likely committed this murder, that certainly is not a good sign that the defendant is guilty," Crawford said.

Rainsberger must be on GPS monitoring while on bond and cannot leave the boundaries of Marion County. 

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