Blue line shines across Boone County in honor of fallen deputy Jacob Pickett

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. -- Boone County has gone blue in honor of Deputy Jacob Pickett who was killed in the line of duty last week.

Hundreds of blue ribbons are tied to trees and utility poles across the city of Lebanon and blue lights can be seen shining into the night at houses across the county, and state.

These are just some of the ways the community has chosen to show their unity and respect for Deputy Pickett and his brothers and sisters behind the badge.

Nikki Hollingsworth and her neighbor, Sara Forsythe, decided to show their support by creating a t-shirt honoring Deputy Pickett that they could sell and give the proceeds to the Pickett family.

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“It just shows that we can all be one which is what we need to be right now, in my opinion,” said Hollingsworth.

They had planned to make a few, sell a few and then give some to the officers in the community – but Hollingsworth says the response has been more than they could have imagined.

“It’s been an overwhelming amount of orders and support from our community and really all over the state,” said Hollingsworth.

For Forsythe, it’s about honoring an officer and a co-worker. She was hired as a dispatcher for the Boone County Sheriff’s office the same week that Deputy Pickett started in 2015.

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“You hear him on the radio – you know 626 – you automatically know who it is,” said Forsythe. “They knew how to light up a room. The connection he and Brik had, they were just never apart.”

As the city pays tribute from home, a growing memorial for Deputy Pickett sits in front of the Boone County Sheriff’s Department. His cruiser now adorned with flowers, teddy bears and notes of love and gratitude for him and his family.

The cruiser will remain set up in front of the sheriff’s office until after Deputy Pickett’s funeral for those who wish to stop by and pay their respects or leave a token of their appreciation.

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