Deputy Jacob Pickett honored at his visitation with a flag ceremony and presentation

INDIANAPOLIS -- Fallen Boone County Sheriff's Deputy Jacob Pickett was honored with a flag presentation ceremony at his visitation Thursday.

Dozens of family and friends showed up to pay their respects to Deputy Pickett, who was shot and killed in a foot pursuit in Lebanon last week. 

Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen gave the presentation remarks and offered the flag to Deputy Pickett. 

Deputy Pickett's K-9 partner, Brik, was also in attendance. 

"Deputy Jacob Pickett courageously stood his post, representing what was the best in society," Sheriff Nielsen read during the ceremony. 

Full text from reading:

In a nation of laws, patriotism knows no greater champion than that which is found in a police officer.

Boldly standing on the thin blue line, separating peace from anarchy. The police officer knows that the war will never end.

The police officer stands there anyway, a vigilant sentry, fighting the continuing war one battle at a time.

Deputy Jacob Pickett courageously stood his post, representing what is the best in society. Going into places that the average person fears to tread – seeing things no one wants to see.

By simply putting on his uniform and going to work every day, Jake made this country a better place to live.

Therefore, we present Jake a flag of the United States of America – a symbol of hope – with a prayer that it will offer him the comfort of a grateful nation.

You can watch the full ceremony in the video player above. 

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