How to navigate new HAWK crosswalk signals

Posted: 10:37 AM, Dec 04, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-04 15:39:32Z

WHITESTOWN, Ind. -- A new HAWK signal has been installed for a crosswalk in Whitestown, Indiana. It's not quite as fancy and hi-tech as it sounds, but it may still require an adjustment to drive through correctly.

For starters, the HAWK signal stands for High-intensity Activated crossWalK, in case that's the answer at your next trivia night. 

Depending on the situation, the signal could show one of five (5!) things for people driving through it: nothing, flashing yellow, solid yellow, red, blinking red.

Here's the lowdown. If no pedestrians have pressed the crosswalk button, the traffic light is dark. Drive through it as normal. Once somebody presses the button, the light blinks yellow, indicating to drive through with caution, then solid yellow, meaning it's about to turn red.

When the light turns red, the pedestrian signal changes to walk, so the person walking can go in front of the now-stopped vehicles.

After a short time of the light being solid red, the vehicle light changes to flashing red, meaning vehicles must stop, then pass through if it's clear. For pedestrians, it changes to a countdown at this time, meaning they can continue through the crosswalk if they've started, but can't begin walking across the intersection.

Once the countdown is over, the light reverts back to the original dark mode. If somebody presses the crosswalk button, there's a "cooldown" period before the cycle starts again to let traffic clear the intersection.

The new HAWK signal has been installed at the intersection of Boone Meadow and Main Street. Another signal is also at IUPUI in Indianapolis, near the Natatorium. 

Still can't quite get it? That's OK. This video breaks it down for you.

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