Brawl involving dozens breaks out near county fair

LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Cellphone video captured a large fight just blocks away from the Tippecanoe County Fair this week and police say it isn’t the only problem they’ve seen this week.

Witnesses say what started as a quarrel between two young men erupted into a fight involving dozens of people -- mostly juveniles -- on Monday.

Dustin Elliott, 22, captured the brawl on his cellphone. He said the fight involved the usual pushing and shoving, but fists weren’t the only weapons involved.

The video shows an adult bystander disarming a pipe or bat-wielding aggressor.

"Basically the Army guy has now ripped the pole out of the guy’s hand and just threw it off to the side,” Elliot said Wednesday evening.

Police suspect the disagreement started at the nearby Tippecanoe County Fair and carried over to a nearby elementary school several blocks away.

Authorities say it’s something they've seen before.

"By the time we get there, they are all running in different directions," said Lt. Brian Gossard with the Lafayette Police Department.

That is exactly what happened Monday. Police pulled up with sirens blazing, but neither suspect nor victim stuck around.

The day after the video surfaced, another amateur recording appeared to show another fight between a group of mostly juveniles. This fight, also close to the fairgrounds, was at a BP gas station.

Police have made two arrests so far in connection to that fight.


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