Butler University police warn students after armed robbery

INDIANAPOLIS - Butler University police warned students to be alert after a female student was robbed near campus just after midnight Wednesday morning.

Police said an armed robber grabbed a woman’s purse and pushed her to the ground in an alley behind Berkley Road.

Police said the woman was walking with at least one other student in the alley and was within eyeshot of the campus.

Butler police want to remind students that they offer safe escorts every day of the year from dusk until dawn. All students have to do is press a button at one of the emergency towers.

The service is available even when school is not in session.

Police offered some tips to students after the incident: Don’t carry large amounts of cash, change directions if you see a suspicious vehicle and don’t hesitate to hand over items if confronted.

Students said they were being more cautious after they heard about the incident.

"A little alarming, you know we're not in this protected bubble, but at the same time I think it's up to everybody to be self-aware in that sense," one student said.

Students said they found out about the robbery from an alert that came to their phones. They said it’s not unusual to get those types of alerts, but it was the first one in a while that was so close to campus.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was also investigating the case.

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