CALL 6: Family fears toxic threat from water in their home

Source of contamination unknown
Posted at 11:32 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 08:49:10-04

RUSH COUNTY, Ind. -- A Rush County family doesn’t know where to turn.

The home Johnny and Becky Johnson bought in Carthage has turned into a nightmare. The couple called on and received the help of state regulators, which found the home’s well water is contaminated with arsenic, barium, and radium.

The couple spent $15,000 dollars on a new water softener, iron filter, and reverse osmosis system and it had no impact. The state installed a water filtration system and it made no difference.

The state is currently providing the delivery of water to drink. The previous owners Daniel and Anna Blackburn tell Call 6 Investigates that they did not drink the water at their home for 15 years because it was “salty and hard.”

The couple did not disclose the problem on the seller’s disclosure list, but said they recall mentioning the water situation to the Johnsons. The Johnsons don’t have the same recollection.

The Rush County family is warning people looking to buy a home with well water to have it tested.

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