Carmel business appears on ABC's 'Shark Tank'

INDIANAPOLIS - The Sub Zero Ice Cream on Massachusetts Avenue got a big boost last year when its founders were featured on ABC's "Shark Tank." This week, another area business had hoped to get a bite of the action as well.

Since opening last May, the Sub Zero Ice Cream shop on Mass Ave has become the top-selling location in the country.

"We’ve had people come from Bloomington, from Fort Wayne, from Lafayette because they saw us on Shark Tank," said owner Melissa Albano-Barth.

Sub Zero allows customers to mix cream, yogurt and custard with other sweets. The mixture is then flash-frozen using liquid nitrogen at a chilly -320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although the Sharks didn't offer Sub Zero a deal, Albano-Barth said she thinks appearing on the show helped the business take off.

On the north side of Indianapolis, an entrepreneurial couple was hoping for some of the same luck.

Carmel residents Matt and Emily Griffin are the founders of Baker's Edge. Their product, the Edge Brownie Pan, appeared before the Sharks on ABC Friday night for a chance at a major investment.

The Griffins created the Edge Brownie Pan with additional interior walls to maximize what is, in their opinion, at least, the best part of the brownie.

"If you think about a pan of brownies, a lot of people go for those edges and corners first," Matt said. "That's because those are a little chewier. They've got a little bite. They are a little bit sweeter because they caramelize with the heat."

Although their episode of "Shark Tank" had already been filmed, the Griffins had to stay tight-lipped about what happened.

"When the doors open it is a total mind blow," Emily said. "I don't know if I've ever been more scared of anything in my life. I mean, my heart felt like it was popping out of my chest."

Unfortunately, none of the Sharks made an offer on the business, but the product is still incredibly popular.

The Griffins, who do their own test-baking, have also developed a lasagna pan. They say they've poured their life savings into the start-up that has now sold more than 250,000 pans.

The pans are produced in Minnesota and sold online and in stores around the country. 

The Griffins said the experience was incredibly exciting and totally real -- nothing was scripted.

The Griffins' episode of "Shark Tank" aired Friday night at 8 p.m. on RTV6.

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